Our Services

Adventure Training

Serving kids ages 9 and up. Activities include hiking, camping, fishing, tracking, zip line and other survival skills.


Schools teach individuals what they want them to know. Mentors teach individuals what they want to learn. We work with many of the middle schools, and in the community at large. We empower people to their greatness.

Weekend Academy

Serving Kids Ages 5-17. Course of studies include biology,  botany,  male/female principle,  agriculture,  military/political Science,  reading comprehension, Symptometry,  financial / economical science and trade.

Each One Reach One

A program that ​ ​enables us the provide for low socio-economic families in our community the tools to change their situation, only if they want.

Enrichment Center

Gives the community a safe place to go and get any scholastic/cultural/spiritual/social assistance.

Hearts In Our Hands

Feeding the hungry with fruits and veggies from local farms and restaurants on a daily basis. Clothing those in need and providing transitional shelter for the homeless.

Address: 1301 Aspen Way, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 | Phone: 336.577.3561  Email: vincentwilkins2@gmail.com