Give To Distinguish Gentlemen

There is so much that is needed. We need time from valuable people that want to build a safer, more viable environment and future for themselves and their family. We need individuals that understand community is the collective thinking, seeing and behaving as a “WE” NOT as a “ME”. We need: * school supplies for the Weekend Academy classes; * caring and concerned teachers (certified or not); * transportation/drivers for the students; and * healthy snacks One of our goals is to erect a facility for our members and the community. Until we are able to produce enough capital to do so, we will need venues to hold our community programs and events. Furthermore, we are in need of camping and other outdoor supplies, additional chaperons, and transportation for our trips are also needed as well. Lastly, monetary gifts would be much appreciated to help us fulfill our mission and meet our goals. ​

We have made it easy and safe for you to donate. We have created a PayPal account, so that no matter where you are located in the world, you will be able log in and participate in helping support our cause. Understanding that we live in a time where identity theft is such a great concern, we here at Distinguish Gentlemen, believe this method, of using Pay Pal, to be the safest route for those that want donate. We can all make a difference but it starts from within.

Thank you again for your help in transforming this world into a safer, more enjoyable and productive place for today and in the future to come.

Peace and Blessings

Address: 1301 Aspen Way, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 | Phone: 336.577.3561  Email: