Little Bit About Us

Distinguish Gentlemen, is a non-profit organization that empowers black males via entrepreneurship education. Our Vision, as an organization is to become a national leader in equipping today’s black males with the correct mindset and tools needed to become more efficient leaders in our communities. Distinguish Gentlemen’s purpose is to provide leadership, mentorship, networking and technical support to its members and the community at large. Our members ages are eight years old and up. Knowledge is King, a King is only powerful when he exercises his power therefore, Knowledge plus Action equals Power. ​

We offer very diverse mentorship, ranging from the novice on up to a season veteran. We also offer enriching programs and seminars as well as resourceful and enjoyable networking events. Other services include scholastic, social, financial, spiritual, nutritional and physical enrichment for all age groups. The idea is for the student to not only gain knowledge and become successful, but to do the most important part of that equation, to become the teacher. It is time for blind followers to remove the veil from their eyes and lead themselves and their families into a prosperous future. Education and action is key.

How We support the Community

How To Help

It is easy to participate, leave us a message and we will get back to you within a 24 hour period. Tell us how we can do more to help the community, leave comments about our events or if you are interested in starting a chapter in your city. It is our goal to unite, uplift and empower black males all over the world.

DG Award Winners

Every year we award 3 males that embody the characteristics of what it means to be a Distinguish Gentlemen. The awardees have shown: * willingness to emerge as leaders; * demonstrate outstanding achievement in business development; and * promote peace and unity among the community. They know what it takes to be a leader, and they understand that failure is not an option. Every day that they rise, thier goal is to be a better father, husband, son or friend.

Kids Festival

We have quarterly events that we offer for both male and female that make honor roll in school. We also sponsor a winter formal for the youth 13-17. We have local barber shops/salons give discounts and for those who can’t afford suits, gowns or shoes we get them donated to us. It is all about rewarding the youth for their achievements and teaching them how to properly interact with one another and have good clean fun.

Address: 1301 Aspen Way, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 | Phone: 336.577.3561  Email: