Distinguish Gentlemen

“Our Story”

The idea for Distinguish Gentlemen, was conceived and evolved by 10 young men of color who are visionaries. Ten men that dared to believe that they could make a difference in their community. They did this by showing the world that if you love one another and support each others endeavors, trust one another to do his own part and believe that anything is possible when black men empower themselves, unite their families and mobilize their communities regardless of their religion or creed, then and only then will we get to witness what Peace Is.

For each individual that our organization reaches, they must understand that the ultimate repayment would be to teach another. We state this with the belief that lives will be enriched and communities will be impacted. Distinguish Gentlemen’s end result, is that the cycle of life will be restored and people will be able to harvest true Joy into their lives. That joy is time spent on this beautiful earth, with the the ones you Love, leaving it in a better state than when you found it for those that will come after you are gone.


Address: 1301 Aspen Way, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 | Phone: 336.577.3561  Email: vincentwilkins2@gmail.com